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Silver Eagles

Cheapest Silver Eagles

American Silver Eagles are a cornerstone product for many precious metals investors. Investors buy silver eagles because there is always demand for them.

The main reason why Silver Eagles are more expensive than generic silver rounds is that the US Mint charges distributors and dealers a $2.00 premium on every new American Silver Eagle coin that they sell.

That's right. The US Mint is the reason we pay a higher premium when we buy Silver Eagles.

The US Mint charges the premium as a means of covering the costs of production.

However, you can still buy Silver Eagle coins below cost. The best option to buy Silver Eagle coins below dealer cost is to explore secondary market options, random year Silver Eagles, and cull condition coins.

Quick Facts About Silver Eagles

Secondary Market Silver Eagles

Dealers buy Silver Eagles from individual investors at a lower premium than when they buy from the US Mint. When a dealer buys Silver Eagles from an individual they will resell them at a discount. These will be listed on their website's as "Secondary Market" or "Random Year" Silver Eagles.

Dealers will often pass this reduced premium to their customers when they offer the Silver Eagles for sale.

Secondary Market Silver Eagles can also be offered as Random Year Silver Eagles.

Cull Condition Silver Eagles

The cheapest American Silver Eagle coins for sale on the secondary market are usually "Cull" coins. The condition of Cull Silver Eagle coins will vary from dealer to dealer and from batch to batch. The conditions will usually show:

  • Signs of scratches
  • Some wear and tear
  • Signs of circulation and handling
  • May have been cleaned
  • May have been painted
  • Imperfections or other damage

Since the American Silver Eagle coin is considered a bullion coin (as opposed to proof coins), a cull coin will still contain 1 troy ounce of silver. Even in cull condition American Silver Eagle coins are still the most recognized government bullion coin in the world. The cheapest American Silver Eagle coins you can buy will be ones in cull condition.

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