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One Ounce Gold Maple Leaf

1 oz Gold Maple Leafs

The Gold Maple Leaf is the national bullion coin of Canada that is produced annually by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each coin in the series is minted from gold that is refined to four-nines (.9999) purity. These coins are the most well known pure 24k gold coin...

About One Ounce Gold Maple Leaf

Each one-troy ounce coin features the Sugar Maple Leaf on the reverse. The sugar maple tree is native to the hardwood forests of North America. It's best known as the source of maple syrup. Each autumn, this maple species leaves turn a bright fiery red and fall to the ground as it prepares for the long winter ahead. The obverse of these coins displays well known effigy portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. The specific portrait will vary depending on the year of the coin's mintage and her age. These coins contain advanced security and anti-counterfeiting measures that have been developed exclusively for the gold coins in this popular series.

Storing 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf Coins

One ounce gold maple leafs are simple and easy to store discretely at home. Individuals coins typically ship from most dealers in a 2x2 plastic coin flip. The diameter of the coin is 30mm, which is roughly 1.811 inches. The coin is of a similar dimensions as a US 50 cent coin. Tubes of 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf coins are available from dealers that allow for the up to 20 of these coins to be discretely stored almost anywhere.

Where to Buy the Cheapest 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf coins

The Gold Maple Leaf is a bullion coin that is popular with investors and stackers due to its high purity and government backing. As a bullion coin, these are valued for the intrinsic value of the one-troy ounce of pure gold. Buying these coins from whichever online dealer has the lowest premium often makes the most practical sense for investors. The Random Year 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf coin is the most popular coin in the series.

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