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Platinum Spot Price: $911.00 per ounce
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10 oz Credit Suisse Platinum Bar Silver Gold Bull
Free Shipping @ $199
10 oz Platinum Bar - Secondary Market BGASC
Free Shipping @ $199

Investment Grade Platinum Bullion

Precious metals have been used as a store of wealth and medium of exchange for thousands of years. Platinum, like other precious metals, is recognized globally as a valuable commodity. Platinum can diversify an investment portfolio, potentially reducing overall risk. Precious metals often have a low or negative correlation with stocks and bonds.

One of the reasons many choose to invest in platinum is to further diversify an investment portfolio that already includes other precious metals. As an investment metal, platinum has a low correlation with other asset classes which can be beneficial during extended periods of market volatility, stagflation, or with indicators signaling signs of recession. The current platinum spot price is positioned in a way that could lead to significant upside.

Platinum is rare and its supply is limited to a few key geographic regions, primarily South Africa and Russia. Any changes in mining output can significantly affect prices. Similarly, demand for platinum in various industries, especially automotive, jewelry, and investment, can drive prices up or down.

China uses a large amount of platinum manufacturing jewelry, industrial items and as a catalyst in vehicles, among other applications. The demand from a vast market like China can influence global platinum prices. Also, as a major industrial player, China's economic health can indirectly influence overall commodity prices, including platinum.

During extended periods of high inflation, some investors find precious metals to be an effective hedge, to utilize as a store of value as a way to preserve wealth. With prices continues to rise, the real value of paper investments like stocks can be negatively affected. However, as a physical asset, platinum has a history of retaining value. Platinum, along with other Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) like Palladium and Rhodium, offer investors an assortment of alternative choices for diversifying a precious metals portfolio.

Investors looking to diversify typically begin by narrowing their focus to a choice between buying platinum coins vs platinum bars. The price of platinum is influenced by industrial demand, which factors include changes in automotive production or mining supply, offering potential opportunities for investors.

Platinum Coins

Investors typically turn to safe haven assets like platinum coins during times of geopolitical instability, economic downturns, or market volatility.

Platinum coins are minted by various mints and they are considered legal tender in their issuing countries. Coins are available in different industry standard weights, such as 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz. Examples include the American Platinum Eagle, Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, and Australian Platinum Koala. These coins are guarantee by their respective mints to contain the exact specified weight and purity of platinum, making them a tangible and reliable investment.

Compared to bars, platinum coins carry slightly higher premiums as this is the reflects the additional costs associated with the design, minting, legal-tender status and in some cases collectability. Government Minted Random Year platinum coins can provide huge savings with lower premiums than buying newly minted or specific year coins. Secondary market coins are highly liquid because their value primarily derives from their metal content rather than numismatic factors. Some of the cheapest platinum coins often include commemorative platinum coins that are available from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint and other well-known manufacturers.

The higher premium for coins reflects their numismatic appeal, unique designs, collector demand, and mintage amount. These and other factors can add additional collectible or numismatic value beyond the intrinsic metal content.

Platinum Bars

Platinum bars offer one of the most cost-effective ways of investing in platinum and they are available in a much wider range of sizes. Bars are minted by private refineries and come in an assortment of sizes that can range from as small as 1 gram to as big as 1 kilogram. The lower premiums that are seen with platinum bars have much to do lower manufacturing and distribution costs. The most common investment purchase is the 1 oz platinum bar, which are issued by numerous refiners with a trusted lineage in the industry.

Fractional platinum bars are a practical way to diversify and are a lower premium alternative to coins. Gram size platinum bars provide investors with flexibility in choosing the specific weight that suits their investment goals and budget. Platinum coins, while still widely available, may have more limited options in terms of size and design variety.

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Platinum IRA

Platinum can also be included in a self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) as part of a diversified retirement portfolio. By opening a platinum IRA, investors can hold physical platinum coins or bars within the IRA, providing potential tax advantages while keeping a trusted store of value in their retirement savings.

Contributions to a Platinum IRA may be tax-deductible and can possibly offer other potential tax benefits. Typically, The growth of funds within the IRA is tax-deferred until you withdraw the funds during retirement. Roth Platinum IRAs, on the other hand, offer tax-free withdrawals in retirement, as contributions are made with after-tax dollars.

Including platinum in a retirement portfolio can provide diversification benefits, as it is a different asset class from traditional stocks, bonds, or cash and has its own unique supply and demand dynamics, which can offer additional protection against inflation and currency devaluation. Adding platinum to an IRA can help preserve wealth and hedge against economic uncertainties. It's always best to do thorough research and consult with a financial advisor prior to making investment decisions regarding IRA accounts.