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Italy Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

Italy's precious metals industry, although more renowned for its jewelry and craftsmanship, also includes significant activities in refining and processing, especially of gold. Companies like Italpreziosi and others play a key role in this sector, contributing to both the Italian and global precious metals markets. Their operations encompass not only refining but also the production of high-quality gold products for various industries and investments.

Established in 1984, Italpreziosi specializes in the refining of gold and silver, transforming raw materials from mines, scrap, and other sources into pure metals.

Gold has been present in Italy since ancient times, with its history of gold mining and usage dating back to the Romans and even earlier. The use and extraction of gold in Italy can be traced back to the Etruscans and Ancient Romans. The Romans mined gold in various regions, including what is now known as Tuscany, northern Italy, and the island of Sardinia. Gold mining in Italy has been relatively small-scale and localized with no significant gold rushes in the modern era.

Italy is home to numerous businesses specializing in gold jewelry and artisanal gold products, particularly in regions known for jewelry making like Valenza, Vicenza, and Arezzo. Italy's reputation in the precious metals industry is centered more on craftsmanship, particularly in gold jewelry, rather than on the production of raw gold. Italian gold jewelry is renowned worldwide for its quality, design, and artisanship.

Assorted Precious Metals from Italy

Italy Silver

Product Dealer Cheapest Price
100 oz Italpreziosi Silver Cast Bar .999 Fine    
10 oz Silver Bar Italpreziosi SD Bullion $316.40
Kilo Silver Bar Italpreziosi BOLD Precious Metals $982.04
5 oz Silver Bar Italpreziosi    

Italy Gold

Product Dealer Cheapest Price
1 oz Italpreziosi Gold Bar    
5 oz Gold Bar - Italpreziosi BGASC $12295.80
20 Lire (Francs) Gold Coin - Italy APMEX $458.35