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Spain Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

Spain has a rich history of gold mining dating back to ancient times, its major acquisition of gold occurred through its colonial ventures in the Americas. Today, Spain has a modest presence in the global precious metals refining industry, known more for its craftsmanship in precious metal artistry than for large-scale refining operations.

The earliest known gold mining in Spain dates back to pre-Roman times, with notable activity in the northwestern region, particularly in Asturias and Galicia. The Romans conquered much of the Iberian Peninsula, then later extensively mined the gold deposits. One of the most famous sites is Las Médulas in León, which was one of the largest gold mines in the Roman Empire.

There are also other smaller smelters and refineries across Spain that handle precious metals, but these typically operate on a smaller scale compared to global giants in the refining industry. Based in Madrid, SEMPSA is a well-known Spanish refinery that processes gold and silver, providing various services and products related to precious metals.

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