What are Secondary Market Silver Bars?

Secondary market silver bars come from a dealer buying them from a third party source other than the original mint. Often, dealers will buy entire collections from individual investors that are looking to divest all or some of their portfolio. The dealer will them offer these items for sale, listing them on their website, sometimes as random generic silver bars.

The amount and purity of the silver in these silver bars is the same as buying from the original source. The difference is that secondary market bars may show some signs of wear, including tarnish, dings, scratches or other marks that show they’ve been handled.

10 oz silver bullion bars

Investments in secondary market precious metals can be advantageous when comparing with primary sourced silver bars. Online bullion dealers will often have the prices on these with a premium that can be substantially lower than those on newly minted silver bars.

Secondary Market Silver Bars are Cheaper

There are several reasons why you should buy random generic silver bars. Below are just a few of those reasons.

  • Dealers buy silver bars from individuals. Often paying below spot price. This allows them to price these products with a lower premium than primary market products.
  • You can sometimes find harder to find Engelhard Silver Bars.
  • Prices after often lower due to wear or signs of being scruffy or tarnished.
  • It is a good way to get begin to buy silver bars because the premiums are often lower.

While these are just a few of the reasons people buy silver bars from the secondary market, investors have a large variety to choose from that are high in quality and offer great value.