Silver Gold Bull 10 oz Bar at Spot Price Deal Returns

One of the most popular silver at spot price deals is the 10 oz Silver Bar at Spot Price from Silver Gold Bull. This particular silver bar is minted by Sunshine Minting and contains a custom design that features the Silver Gold Bull charging bull logo. Click here to visit the Silver Gold Bull product page to learn more about this offer.

  • Minted with 10 troy ounces of .999 fine silver.
  • Obverse: Silver Gold Bull logo with a charging bull and the words “999 Fine Silver 10 Ounces”
  • Reverse: Silver Gold Bull logo and the words “Build your wealth in ounces” with the bull logo ghosted in the background

The silver at spot price deals that are offered by various online bullion dealers are a way for new customers to explore the ownership of precious metals with very low risk.

For many investors, 10 oz silver bars are the most popular choice as a store of value due to their compact size, low price point, wide availability and stackability. These bars are one of the most liquid silver investments and easy to sell when the time comes to liquidate your portfolio.

Silver Gold Bull is a well-regarded player in the precious metals market, known for its wide range of products, competitive pricing, and reliable service. They catering to both investors and collectors, each looking for quality and value in precious metals products.

Silver Gold Bull is known for offering competitive pricing on their products and provide market-driven prices for bullion that are aligned with the current spot prices of gold and silver.

Their website includes transparent pricing, price charts and market analysis, which can be beneficial for customers in making informed purchasing decisions.

This 10 oz silver bar at spot price offer is one of several available similar offers from reputable dealers. Currently, the available silver at spot price offers include:

Check out our silver at spot price deals page for more offers from other dealers.

Silver Bullion Premiums Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels

The COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on global supply chains, creating a myriad of problems and challenges for mining and minerals companies, refineries and mints.

Many mines and refineries around the world were shut down or operated at reduced capacities due to lockdowns, quarantine measures, and worker illness. This led to reduced output and shortages of silver, gold and platinum, not only for investors, but especially in industries where precious metals are consumed.

The supply chain disruptions and lockdowns led to wholesale premiums on precious metals to increase quickly as demand from investors was driven by uncertainty and supply concerns.

The premiums on US Mint Silver Eagles were impacted more than others. Most of the high premiums were caused by a combination of things that included a variety of repeated shutdowns, issues with blank planchets from suppliers and other problems related to the production of coins. At their peak, the dealer premiums on Silver Eagles were in excess of 50% more than the silver spot price.

In today’s market, bullion buyers are able to find deals on 10 oz silver bars from various online dealers with premiums below $2.00 per ounce over the prevailing silver spot price. For investors looking for larger silver bars, such as silver kilos and 100 oz bars, dealer premiums can be the range as low as $1.25 to $1.50 per troy ounce above spot silver.

Silver premiums have not been this low in several years making this a great opportunity to back up the truck and load it up.

Although the Federal Reserve has paused interest rate hikes for the time being, many analysts are speculating that the results of the policy hikes aren’t likely to be felt for twenty-four months or longer. The Fed began the string of rate hikes in March 2022 as a following two years of consistently high inflation impacting prices.

If analysts predictions are correct, the CPI, which includes consumer prices of essential everyday goods, including housing, gasoline and food, isn’t likely to show meaningful decreases until the first quarter of 2024 or beyond.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon continues to repeat his dire prediction of an extended period of stagflation.

Stagflation is an economic term used to describe a situation in which an economy experiences stagnant growth, high unemployment, and high inflation simultaneously. This combination is particularly troubling for policymakers because the usual tools to combat inflation, like raising interest rates or reducing government spending, can exacerbate unemployment and further hinder economic growth. While measures to boost the economy, like lowering interest rates or increasing government spending, can worsen inflation.

Why Many Investors Prefer Silver Over Gold

Investing in precious metals is a big commitment. The notion of taking a portion of your cash savings buying a physical asset goes against the mainstream narrative.

The Federal Reserve has announced that the FedNow service is NOT a CBDC. Most “conspiracy theorists” are suggesting that the Fed may not be telling the truth. Luckily, a few states like Florida and Texas have efforts to reject any fed issued digital token.

More people want precious metals as a store of value in lieu of cash and deciding which is the best metal to buy can be a laborious choice. Ideally, having a balanced portfolio that is diverse with a portion in both gold and silver, alongside traditional investments, can provide extra assurance to cover many unexpected financial scenarios.

Silver is Cheaper Per Ounce

The most obvious reason many investors prefer to buy silver is the enormous price gap per ounce. The average per ounce premium is often higher on silver as a percentage of the price.

However, just like with the stock markets, the commodities markets also have bull and bear periods where the returns on silver can shine or tarnish.

For example, at the start of the pandemic in 2020, the price per ounce of silver hit a low of $11.77 per ounce. In three years, silver is already trading up more than 100%.

Silver coins and bars

Gold prices have been trading at record highs in recent weeks. Rumors have been circulating for weeks about an upcoming announcement from the BRICS summit in South Africa related to a new gold-backed reserve currency.

Easier to Liquidate

This has some analysts continuing to suggest that gold prices will continue to climb higher as central banks in many emerging economies continue adding gold to their reserves.

A portfolio containing many smaller silver coins, such as Britannias or 1 ounce silver bars is naturally more convenient to sell than larger bars or a full ounce of gold.

Silver stacking is far more popular than most people realize. Many find it to be a convenient and effective way to set aside a little bit of cash each week or month.

As a physical asset, it’s a little more difficult to spend than cash and easy to keep stashed at home is available in a variety of formats that span from naturally fractional junk silver to larger kilogram and 100 ounce silver bars.

There are many options, both locally and online that make selling silver easy when the time comes. Whether it’s for an unexpected emergency repair or to raise some cash for a new venture.

While selling a portion of silver coins is a straightforward process, it’s not as easy or practical to cut a gold bar in half.

Growing Industrial Consumption

Silver is consumed by various industries in considerably greater quantities than other precious metals. Although undeniably an excellent store of value, silver is also one of the best conductors of electricity and is used everything from iPhones and other consumer devices to solar panels and EV batteries. According to statistics released since was used in smartphone manufacturing.

The largest growth in consumption industrial consumption continues to be driven by globalist climate change and green energy initiatives. Global statistics on solar panel manufacturing shows consistent year over year growth likely to continue based on the 2030 narratives.

Renewable energies represents an area where many see potential for continued increases in consumption. Compared to other metals, silver is relatively scarce in nature. There are very few naturally occurring silver ore deposits.

Most raw silver is mined as a by-product of other metals such as lead, copper and gold, which makes the mining of these other metals relatively more important.

Medical Applications

Silver plays a huge role in medical technology and with natural antibiotic properties. The invention of x-rays, MRI and other medical imaging technologies would not have been possible without silver.

Silver bromide is a chemical compound that is sensitive to light and plays a key role in X-Ray and photographic films.

Silver plays many hidden crucial roles in countless ways throughout our everyday lives. Around half of all silver mined annually is consumed during the production of over 3000 various technologies including integrated circuits, medical radiology equipment, water purification, photographic imaging and even explosives.

Silver is Undervalued

The gold-silver ratio is a great way of keeping track of silver’s fluctuations and its current value relative to gold. It demonstrates the relationship between their respective values and can be a way investors spot potential opportunities.

Over the long-term, the price of silver has steadily increased relative to the dollar due mainly to inflation.

Recent CPI data indicates that inflation continues to rise at a steady rate while the data used by the Fed in decision making lags behind the reality that consumers face each day.

Most countries fill their reserve vaults with gold, there are a few countries holding significant silver stockpiles such as Peru, Mexico and China.

Silver Institute Report Shows Strong Demand Across All Supply Chains

In 2022, the demand for silver reached an all time high, with more than 1.242 billion ounces, according to a recent survey conducted by the Silver Institute. While registered mining output for the year totals only 835,900,000 1 billion ounces, leaving a deficit of at least 406 million ounces removed from custodial vaults, such as COMEX for the year.

While investor demand for silver bullion continues to rise at a steady pace, total global demand for the shiny metal rose more than 38% as the globally economy begins to recover from the pandemic.

The US Mint continues to struggle during periods of high demand due to ongoing supply chain issues plaguing domestic planchet suppliers.

Premiums on current year American Silver Eagles continue to skyrocket, ranging from as low 57% to as high as 82% over melt value.

Coins from other sovereign government mints continue to sell in large numbers, with 1 oz silver Noah’s Ark coins from Armenia having low premiums alongside silver Philharmonic coins from Austria and King Charles Britannias.

Investor demand continues to drive up prices for physical silver bullion. Supply chain disruptions at the start of the pandemic led to depletions of wholesale and retail bullion inventories resulting in the prices of physical bullion become far removed from following the paper price.

Overall, the bullion market for investors is likely to see further divergence between the price of physical metal and the paper futures price if the supply chain issues persist.

For now, the absolute lowest prices for 1 oz silver rounds can often be found in random year and secondary market listings. Random 10 oz silver bars continue to be the best value and be an investor favorite for those looking to stack with bulk purchases.

Premiums on gold coins and bars offer the lowest premiums for precious metals buyers. Poured gold kilos can be found with premiums below 1%. A few online retailers are offering low premium vintage gold coins such as the Austria 4 Ducat restrikes and 20 francs gold coins being popular amongst fractional gold stackers.

Storing Silver at Home

Silver bullion typically does not need special treatment when it comes to storing at home. Many people are able to store their silver in a basic hiding place somewhere around their house.

Finding a place in your home to store silver does not need to be complicated. Simple is better, most of the time.

Some common hiding places that people choose may include places where other valuables are stored. Such as the drawer of a nightstand or desk, a bookshelf or a lockbox.

There are many options for storing 1 oz silver rounds at home. One of the easiest option is a plastic storage tube designed to store silver coins and rounds that has the same (or similar) diameters as the coins. These are similar to the plastic coin tubes that are used by the US Mint for silver eagle packaging.

Storage tubes are made from molded plastic that is specifically shaped and sized to fit specific coins and rounds based on their dimensions.

Many of the modern 1 oz silver rounds that are released by private mints are 39 mm in diameter. You can measure the specific silver rounds in your collection to ascertain the specific dimensions.

Many reputable vendors sell their coin supplies and products through various online marketplaces to make it easy for collectors and investors to easily locate the items needed to protect your investment. Finding storage tubes and capsules that are the right size for your silver rounds is as easy as searching on Amazon or eBay.

Plastic coin tubes are also available in rectangular shape that are designed specifically to hold up to twenty 1 oz silver bars. The compact size and shape of these coin tubes make it easy to store up to 20 oz silver in a small amount of space virtually anywhere in your home.

At Home Safe or Lockbox

Over time, many silver investors will look for better, more secure storage for their investment.

Firearms owners may already own a safe to keep firearms secure. It’s a logical and practical choice to store silver alongside of firearms at home.

With most 10 oz silver bars being of a similar size and shape as a deck of playing cards, a couple of them can be neatly stacked alongside boxes of ammo.

Various other options are plentiful for those new to precious metals that may not already have a gun safe at home.

For a secure installation at home, a safe should be mounted to part of the foundation of the house. This is not always possible due to the many variations in construction. Many will, instead, use bolts and mounts to secure the safe to the floor or wall framing.

Some silver stackers may even set up a diversion safe or a honeypot in a spot that would be obvious to thieves looking for a quick score. While keeping the real shiny stashed away in a less obvious location or in a diversion safe of some sort.

Diversion Safes

Diversion safes come in a variety of disguises that look like ordinary household objects. Most often used as a clandestine way of storing herbs and other medicines, these are also a great way for investors to keep their investment secure without having to invest in a large safe.

One of the first things to come to mind for many is the simple soda can safe. They are a basic and simple way to store silver in your refrigerator.

Other options include picture frames, book safes, hanging safes, in-wall safe disguised as an electric outlet. You can find hundreds of simple and effective options for hiding a couple of ounces in plain site.

It is a good idea when storing silver at home to be prepared. It doesn’t take long very long to fill a small safe with shiny metal. So when you are investing in a safe it is a good idea to plan ahead.

After a while, most investors will develop some diversity to their collection that may include a mix of silver bars of different sizes, 1 oz silver rounds and coins.

Ammo cans, either metal or plastic are a good size for storing various size silver bars and coin tubes together. They are strong, durable, air-tight, waterproof, lockable and are easy to keep hidden away.

They’re also portable and easy to grab if you need to pack up in a hurry. However, they’re also easy for a thief to grab unless they are secured.

While ammo cans are a good option in some scenarios, they are still not match for a good safe.

When buying a safe, you should consider your future plans. How much silver do you plan to buy per week? per month? per year? Will you trade silver for gold in the future?

A good home safe can be a significant investment that you don’t want to find yourself repeating every six months to a year.

There are a variety of consumer-grade home safes that can provide adequate protection for most investors that can be suitable for storing up to a few hundred ounces of silver.

Which dealers sell silver at spot price deals?
silver at spot price deals

The best deal is when you’re able to buy silver at spot price. In the past there were often three or four dealers that regularly offered spot price deals. The offers were primarily a means of attracting new customers.

Silver spot price deals are an incentive for new customers to buy silver from a dealer that they may not have bought from before.

The silver at spot price deals are special offers targeted at attracting new customers. Acquiring a new customer by offering a spot price deal allows a dealer to show new customers that they provide better service and at a better price than their competition.

Silver at Spot Price Deals Are Good for Dealers and Buyers

For people that buy silver, the silver at spot price deals allow them to buy from a new dealer without the risk of high premiums. Silver buyers and investors are always looking for the best deal, especially as dealer premiums from the largest dealers continue to rise.

Smaller dealers that offer a silver at spot price deals use it as a way to earn the trust of a new customer. Showing a new customer the quality of their customer service, allows the dealer the opportunity to contact that customer after the first transaction to show the customer that they offer better pricing than the big guys.

Dealers with Silver Spot Price Deals

A comprehensive list of Silver Spot Price Deals is available on our website. Most of those offers have yet to return. Some of the historical spot price deals that were popular prior to the start of the pandemic.

  • SilverGoldBull – 10 oz Silver Bar at Spot Price, limited to one per household
  • BGASC – 5 oz Silver Bar at Spot Price – One bar at spot price can be added on to each order. This offer is not limited to one per household.
  • SD Bullion – 1 oz Silver Round at Spot Price, limited to one per household
  • Provident Metals – (10) 1 oz Silver Prospector Rounds at Spot Price, limited to one order per household
  • JM Bullion – (10) 1 oz Silver Rounds at Spot Price. The JM Bullion Silver Starter Pack is limited to one per household
  • BOLD Precious Metals – Offers two different spot price deals for new customers. Only one offer can be redeemed at spot price.
  • Monument Metals – (10) 1 oz Silver Rounds at Spot Price, limited to one order per household

Several times per year other dealers will offer flash sales of silver at spot price as a way to move excess inventory. keeps track of when the dealers offer silver spot price deals.

Bitcoin Investors Buy Silver Bars as Fed Develops CBDC Blockchain Competitor
10 oz silver bullion bars

The Federal Reserve is developing its own digital currency token, or CBDC. Bitcoin investors are worried that the government intends to track all digital transactions and are using their profits to buy 10 oz silver bars with bitcoin.

There are growing concerns that blockchain and new digital currency technology are not mature enough to handle issues around privacy, tracking and reliability. The technology is advancing at such as a rapid pace as the world shifts to a multi-polar gold-backed trading system.

Many experts, both critics and supporters are quick to point out that there are many huge risks that will be coming as widespread integration of the blockchain and related technologies continues this year in the economy.

It seems apparent that many are starting to believe that the current government intends to support the Fed in their push to usher in the FedNow platform. There are many risks to implementing a digital token to compliment the dollar.

In addition to being a globally accepted reserve currency, eleven countries have adopted the US dollar as legal currency either solely, or in conjunction with local currency.

Blockchain implementations also place heavy demands on an electricity grid that has shown in recent years to vulnerable to the weather, cyberattacks and other external threats.

According to a report from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the digital currency being developed in secret by the Fed will change the way Americans use money. Even big banks have concerns that the government’s blockchain implementation will strip away rights of millions of Americans.

Americans continue to be anxious, frustrated and angry from the complacency placed on the failing economy.

While it is currently difficult for the government to associate specific bitcoin transactions to individuals, the IRS and other federal agencies have been seizing cryptocurrencies and digital tokens at alarming rates.

Although it’s been suggested that crypto offers anonymity, there are growing reports that the IRS and other federal agencies have been employing special forensic researchers and hackers to find new ways track each purchase you make.

During the 12-month period from October 2020 to September 2021, IRS agents seized from than $3.5 billion worth of bitcoin from Americans in cases unrelated to taxes!

The pending blockchain implementations by the Federal Reserve is likely to bring about significant new regulations will have a major impact across the economy this year.

While the IRS claims that all of these funds were from criminal enterprises. Many legal experts have raised concerns that civil forfeiture laws could be used as a regulatory enforcement tool to continue the unlawfully seizure of crypto in similar ways gold was seized by the government in 1933.

Criminal charges are pending for some that have been accused of money laundering, the IRS is reportedly hiring at its fastest pace in history to allow politicians continue to fleece the American people.

Pending regulations in Congress continue to put many normal people at risk of being investigated by the IRS and other federal agencies.

New data shows that in January 2022 inflation may have been as high as 7.3%. Well above the previously reported number.

Wall Street analyst are mixed on their predictions for the upcoming interest rate hikes.

Based on what we’ve seen in recent months, including the highest rates of inflation in recent history, rising interest rates and uncertainty in the mid-term elections, our economic future is fraught with risks that investors need to act on before it’s too late.

Stock & crypto investors are transferring profits at alarming rates from their into other assets like precious metals. Precious metals is one of the most effective ways of balancing risk in your portfolio.

Crypto token are not proven as stable and reliable investments, nor are they a proven store of wealth.

Major Wall Street Banks share many of the concerns that giving the Federal Reserve real-time access to your purchase data is just part of a slippery slope that will strip away the right to privacy and the individual security of all Americans.

There is a growing amount of evidence that suggests much of the hype pushed by the mainstream media over the last few years has been largely propaganda.

A growing number of Americans believe many of the intention behind many of the misinformation campaigns in recent years has been to line the pockets of the political elite. This is an ongoing concern for millions of people as we approach the mid-term elections.

Many investors are taking their profits as crypto prices continue to drop.

Any pending digital currency implementation is likely to have a major impact on our money and invade privacy at the same time.

One of the most effective and simple ways to store crypto profits is to buy silver bars as a store of value.

Silver, historically is one of the most trusted and reliable stores of value for thousands of years.

Even today’s central and private banks use precious metals as a mechanism for storing wealth.

Many trusted and reputable online bullion dealers have made it easy to buy 10 oz bars with bitcoin as a payment method. Several dealers integrate Bitpay wallet and other wallet to payment gateways and exchanges to provide some assurance that transactions will occur with discretion and privacy. compares the prices of silver bars to make it easy and simple for crypto and digital token investors to buy ten ounce silver bars with bitcoin.

JBR Recovery Ltd 10 oz silver bars
JBR Recovery 10 oz silver bar

JBR Recovery Ltd. is a precious metals recovery company based in the United Kingdom. They are a leading company in the silver, gold, platinum, and palladium recovery industry and other alternative sources that can be refined for use in bullion programs.

JBR Recovery Ltd. products include 10 oz silver bars, 100 oz silver bars,  and silver rounds.

Icons of Britain Bullion

The Icons of Britain collection from JBR Recovery Ltd. celebrates the cultural icons of British life.

The reverse side of the JBR Recovery 10 oz silver bars contains hieroglyph-like symbols on the reverse side. The iconic symbols reflect various elements that represent British life and are easily recognizable around the world.

For the obverse side, the 10 oz Silver Bar is stamped with the JBR logo at the top of the design field.

This consists of “999” at the center of an oval with a ring around it that reads “JBR Recovery Ltd.” At the bottom of the bar’s design field are the inscriptions of “10 oz,” “Fine Silver,” and “999.”

The 10 oz bars ship with individual, sealed-plastic packaging, while multiples are available in mint-sealed Monster Boxes of 50 bars.

Background on JBR Recovery Ltd.

JBR Recovery Ltd. is located in West Bromwich, United Kingdom. JBR recovers silver, gold, platinum, and palladium previously used in other industries for the production of its bullion items.

Using secondary sources, industrial sources, and waste materials, JBR recovers these coveted precious metals and is able to refine the metals back to purities of at least .999 for the production of cast bars, minted ingots, and rounds. JBR Recovery Ltd. has Good Delivery standing with the London Bullion Market Association.

What is the difference between poured and cast silver bars?

A question that is asked often is what is the difference between a poured silver bar and a cast silver bar?

Both poured and cast silver bars start with melted or liquified silver that is then poured into a mold. The difference mainly depends on the mold itself.

100 oz poured silver bar
Johnson Matthey 100 oz Poured Silver Bar

For poured silver bars, the heated silver is poured into an open mold, typically made of graphite or other heat resistant materials. The metal is left in the mold to cool. In doing such, the silver that is exposed to the open face of the mold will show cooling lines or striations.

10 oz PAMP Suisse Cast Silver Bar

Cast silver bars are also poured into forms or casting molds. However, these forms or molds will not have an open face like those used for open poured bars. These will not typically show pour lines because the mold is a usually a closed mold.

Casting is a technique often used when making silver and gold jewelry and silver art pieces, thus have a more consistent appearance. 

Poured and cast bars can have a similar look to them as they are both poured silver. Other types of silver bars, such as those that are manufactured using stamping or extruded methods will look distinctly different.

There are many investors and silver stackers prefer to buy poured or cast silver bars. These styles of silver bars often unique and show the craftsmanship that goes into creating each silver bar. Some that collect vintage silver bars, such as those made by Engelhard, Johnson Matthey and others have a preference for poured bars.

There are some current private mints that produce poured and cast bars. Argor-Heraeus has a new line of 10 oz cast silver bars that are also available in cast kilogram.

Germania Mint also now includes a line of cast silver bars that are available in a variety of different weights. Both are very popular with investors and collectors and are notable for their classic look.

Recently, even the notable Swiss refinery, PAMP Suisse, released a line of cast silver bars. The bars initially are available in 500 gram, 1 kilo and 100 oz sizes.

What are Secondary Market Silver Bars?

Often, dealers will buy entire portfolio or a collection from an individual investor that is divesting all or some of their portfolio. This is often driven by dealer buy back offers, but also the trade with local coin shops, pawn shops and other retailers.

In some cases, the dealer will then offer these items for sale, sometimes listing them on their website as random generic silver bars.

At the retail level, silver bars that are in good condition are oftentimes sold back to distributors instead of being sent to the refinery.

Secondary market silver bars come from a dealer buying them from a third party source other than the original mint.

The amount and purity of the silver in these silver bars is the same as buying from the original source. The difference is that secondary market bars may show some signs of wear, including tarnish, dings, scratches or other marks that show they’ve been handled.

10 oz silver bullion bars

Investments in secondary market precious metals can be advantageous when comparing with primary sourced silver bars. Online bullion dealers will often have the prices on these with a premium that can be substantially lower than those on newly minted silver bars.

Secondary Market Silver Bars are Cheaper

There are several reasons why you should buy random generic silver bars. Below are just a few of those reasons.

  • Dealers buy silver bars from individuals. Often paying below spot price. This allows them to price these products with a lower premium than primary market products.
  • You can sometimes find harder to find vintage silver bars such as Engelhard and Johnson Matthey
  • Prices after often lower due to wear or signs of being scruffy or tarnished.
  • It is a good way to get begin to buy silver bars because the premiums are often lower.

While these are just a few of the reasons people buy silver bars from the secondary market, investors have a large variety to choose from that are high in quality and offer great value.