eBay Bucks 10% in App, 6% Web Bonus Offer – Expires August 14, 2019 at Midnight

eBay Bucks Bonus Offer

Today, eBay announced a new Bucks promotion on all qualified purchases. The bonus gives a reward of 10% of purchases in the mobile app and 6% for purchases made through the web. This is instead of the usual 1%.

Items listed for sale in the bullion categories are not eligible for earning eBay Bucks.

However, there are plenty of Gold, Silver and Junk bullion items available in other categories that do qualify to earn Bucks. Some of these items are near or below melt prices when factoring in the eBay Bucks bonus.

This bonus promotion runs until midnight Pacific time on August 14, 2019.

You can learn more about the eBay Bucks program including how to sign up and receive the bonus offers from eBay’s FAQs.

If using a credit card that gives 2% cash back then the net price of each deal is even less.

See our list of eBay Bucks eligible bullion items for more details