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Precious Metals Verifiers and other Accessories

Precious metals accessories can enhance and protect your investment. Tools such as the Sigma Precious Metals Verifier are used throughout the industry as a way to authenticate precious metals and detect counterfeits.

Other tools, such as the Mint Mark SI decoder, show the hidden security features that are minted into Sunshine Minting's bullion products.

These tools and others like them can help authenticate and protect your precious metals investment and collection.

Product Dealer Best Price
Sunshine Mint Security Decoder Lens - MINT MARK SI™ BGASC $17.99

Stacking and Investing Tools

Bullion Scales

A modern digital scale that measures in troy ounces and grams is an indispensable tool that anyone who is buying gold, silver or platinum precious metals.

The scales below all have the basic capabilities of providing accurate measurements in both troy ounces and grams and are also reasonably inexpensive and readily available.

The items shown here are things that can be helpful tools to collectors, investors, preppers and stackers. These accessories include items like the Sigma Precious Metals Verifier, which is an industry standard device for authenticating precious metals.

Also, for those who invest heavily in items manufactured by The Sunshine Minting Company, the MINT MARK SI™ decoder lens is a must have accessory. The MINT MARK SI™ decoder lens is a one-of-a-kind item used to verify the authenticity of bullion products produced by The Sunshine Mint.